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Our cattle are reared with animal welfare as a top priority. They are a hardy breed that are naturally reared on the Bowland fells and medicines are kept to a minimum, only being used for welfare reasons.
Bullocks and those females who do not fulfil the breed society rules are used for meat production. The animals are taken, anywhere between 28 and 36 months of age, to  small family run slaughterhouses either at Ilkley or Hawes. The meat is hung for minimum of 14 days before being cut up.The butchers cut the meat and vacuum pack it. We then pick it up the same day, label it and Freeze it, with any pre ordered meat  delivered fresh.

Our butchers are excellent at providing our consumers with a very edible product! The meat is a darker colour, due to its age and the process of hanging, with visible fat marbling - when this is cooked it melts away, giving the beef a superb flavour. 
Although a lot of our customers order our packs, we are happy to tailor meat packs to your own requirements and we can provide individual items, subject to availability.