Beltin Good Beef 

Is Pure Belted Galloway meat supplied direct from the farm- Fresh if pre ordered or Frozen.

It can be bought as part of a pack as advertised below, or individually :- Beef Joints and Briskets Steaks - Sirloin or Rump Steak (approx 500g) Braising Steak, Stew or Mince (approx 500g)

No order is too small, and  free delivery can be arranged to the surrounding area including Clitheroe. 

We have a new meat store up near the farmhouse to enable us to store more frozen meat, and we now welcome visitors to come up to the farm to chose what they want- always ring before you come though.

Our meat is sold frozen from the farm, unless pre-ordered, where it can be arranged to be delivered as we pick it up from the butchers and packs can be tailored to suit you, along with individual items.

TO ORDER : either  E.mail or Tel  Marty on 01200446279


Beltin Good Beef  - Price List


FAMILY VALUE PACK  min wt 16.5kg  

4 Family sized Beef Joints

Large rolled Brisket

2 packs of Frying Steak

6 Packs of Braising Steak

6 Packs of Stewing Steak

8 Packs of Minced Beef

(or exchange 2 mince for Beef Burgers)

 PRICE £165.00


MIXED PACK FOR TWO  min wt 6kg  

  Beef Joints

Small rolled Brisket

Sirloin Steak

Rump Steak

2 Packs of Braising Steak

2 Packs of Stewing Steak

3 Packs of Minced Beef

(or exchange 1 mince for Beef Burgers)

  PRICE £80.00
STEAK PACK  min wt 4Kg 

 Beef Joint

Fillet Steak

Sirloin Steak

Rump Steak

Frying Steak

Stewing Steak

2 Packs of Minced Beef 

 PRICE £70.00


 HALF FAMILY PACK min wt 8 Kg 

PRICE £82.50
2 RIB OF BEEF min wt 1.5 Kg  
PRICE £25 

MEAT PACKS  min wt 5Kg 

10 Packs of Braising Steak

PRICE £52.00

10 Packs of Stewing Steak

PRICE £47.00
10 Packs of Minced Beef
PRICE £42.00
10 Packs of Mixed Stew, Braise and Mince
PRICE £46.00




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